Monday, December 3, 2007

Trivia Night Triumph, Thanks to Lance Armstrong

After a fun but lackluster first trivia night out of The Have a few weeks ago, tonight marked my return to Fado. This time forty percent of the old all-star team was present, and Laura and I were determined to win big. We recruited a solid group, convened with our answer booklet and our shiny blue but woefully dull pencil...

...and the pillaging began. Seriously, I have never gotten owned by a game of trivia the way we got owned tonight. And there wasn't even a music round! Do you know who Mariska Hartigay's mother is? Because we sure didn't. We didn't completely fail-- again, we ended up in the middle of the pack-- but it was not our finest hour and, in fact, it made us want to find trivia that's slightly less grueling.

But there was a silver lining to the evening-- in addition to returning to my trivia and Newcastle ways with one of my favorite old trivia friends and several new ones. A big part of the joy of trivia is amusing yourself and those around you. This aspect of the game can be manifest in absurd answers when you have no chance of guessing correctly. It can also be realized in the selection of a team name. To acknowledge the importance of hilarity, the organizers of this trivia night give an award for the best team name each week. And guess who won tonight!!!

Yes, it's true. We considered ragging on Mike Huckabee, taking a swipe at Larry Craig, formulating a joke about Iran's lack of a nuclear weapons program, and saying anything true about Kevin Federline and letting it speak for itself. But finally we chose a name that encompassed a variety of topics from sports to television and movie stardom to... well, to just dumb-dom. At the suggestion of Laura and with refinement from Andrea and me, we synthesized the best team name of the week:

Lance Armstrong trades in his Schwinn to ride an Olsen twin.

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