Monday, April 21, 2008

These Flipflops Are Made for Walkin...

Last week I did an experiment. I decided to walk to and from work for an entire week to see how it affected me. And the result is this: best decision ever. Granted, I picked a particularly balmy week, but it was great. I arrived at work happy, rather than surly about that family that couldn't get out of my way when I needed to exit the train. I didn't have to confront my persistent fear of careening down the escalator to my demise. In the afternoon, I was a little irked by slow-walkers on M Street, but it was no worse than my disdain for people standing on the left-hand side of the escalator at Foggy Bottom. (Seriously, escalumps take note: I am boring holes in the back of your immobile head with my eyes.) And I would rather walk over the Key Bridge than up the Rosslyn escalator any day.

Plus, I saved almost $20 in fares-- and I didn't even blow it by stopping to shop on my way home. Awesome, right?

The one problem I failed to anticipate, however, was re-entry. Friday evening I went to a friend's party and I took the train for the first time in five days-- I didn't really have a choice if I wanted to arrive before midnight. I did not think it would require an adjustment, but wow. I was a little shaky as I tore--carefully-- down the moving stairs of doom. Granted I was carrying a Pyrex dish of clam dip and repeated reliving the great pie catastrophe of 2007 in my mind (remember, I always thought I would wipe out on the Metro, not 10 feet outside of my building). But still, I was not as sure of my step as usual. And your first ride in a week is not really the time to have a brake-happy driver. By the time I got to Metro Center, I needed some Tums and a glass of flat ginger ale.

Nevertheless, despite the bumpy (literally) re-adjustment, I am pretty excited to begin yet another Metro-free work week. But let's see how I do as the weather makes its transition from balmy to disgusting, with the occasional crappy day thrown in to test my mettle.

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