Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Complete Summer of Kate (Abridged)

Well, it seems that once again time has slipped away from me, and I have found myself-- the prodigal blogger-- back at the keyboard repentant for my negligence. And so, to fill in the blanks a bit and give a sense of what was going on every time I thought about posting and concluded I didn't have enough to say, I submit the following:

The List of Stuff That Occurred (or Will Occur) This Summer (Post Early July) That Kate Thinks Was/Is/Will Be Cool

*I bought amazing new furniture at Eastern Market. It is this mirror-shelf-drawer thing that is hanging on the wall between my closets. It is old-looking, and I had to glue one of the drawer pulls back on, and it isn't really white. And I kind of wanted to die on the Metro on the way home with it (loud, crowded car full of tourists plus malfunction of the train in front of us equals unhappy Kate), but then some girl in Metro Center asked me about my mirror thingy and complimented me on finding such an awesome piece.

*I got a new computer! Hooray MacBook!

*I helped design the cake for my Grammy's 88th birthday party. It was themed after one of the staple foods of my childhood, mocha chip ice cream from Shady Glen. Chocolate chip cake with mocha frosting. Amazing. The only way it would have been better would have been with a large scoop of mocha chip on top.

* I went sailing with my dad for the first time in a long time. It was the first time he had taken the boat-- which is named Anyway-- out all summer. I sometimes forget that Old Saybrook is really pretty, and seeing it from the water is a good reminder.

*I bought peaches from Eastern Market and blackberries from the Dupont Circle farmer's market. The peaches I devoured (another one will meet its end tomorrow); the blackberries I made into blackberry crisp.

*I went kayaking at the beach. The only minor problem was that I pulled up at the wrong spot in the creek when I returned, which meant shlogging through the marsh a touch to get the kayak out of the water. There is marsh grass permanently embedded in one of my Rainbows, which I rather enjoy.

*I'm going kayaking again tomorrow at Thompson Boat Center with my department!

*I went on an expedition to Old Town Alexandria and went to this awesome boutique, Treat, where I found an amazing dress.

*I witnessed two arrests... neither of which was of me. Gotta look on the bright side.

*I arm wrestled a roller derby girl at a literary magazine issue release party. I lost, but not in a completely embarrassing way (I held my own for a while... or at least I didn't drop immediately). I also learned that foot positioning, leverage, and mental preparation are integral to successful arm wrestling.

*There is a great little band that plays at the south entrance of the Dupont Metro at least one night a week, so I hear them on my walk home. I think this is great.

*Some random guy on the street said 'bonjour' to me, and when I responded in kind he tried to start a conversation in French. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry, so he didn't really get past '├ža va?'

*I started church shopping. Some people seem unfamiliar with this concept-- I try various Episcopal churches until I find one I really like. In the course of shopping, I ran into someone from my church at home!

*My grammy, upon hearing that my ridiculous, bright orange toenails were the result of a pedicure, called me a "rich bitch." It was accompanied by a [non-lewd] hand gesture. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen and heard.

*I got another pedicure, this time sponsored by my department (woohoo for team outings!) and my toenails are now lime green. They are sweet. Somewhere, my mother is shaking her head and asking herself what compels me to do these things.

*I went to karaoke and performed "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." This is not especially unusual for me. I was, however, stone cold sober at the time. That is somewhat unusual, given the general tone of most of my karaoke outings.

*My mom got me a mango pitter as a housewarming gift. It works like an apple corer, but the center blades are shaped like a mango pit. It works alarmingly well.

*I am going to a wedding this weekend. This is my first non-family wedding ever. I don't even know the people, which means I will be a great wingman (my purpose at this event) because I will throw my "date" at any girl who walks by with the reckless abandon of someone who knows no one.

*We shotgunned on the fire escape. Not once, but twice in one day. It is possible that one or both of those instances was a mistake, but we had to christen the new place. Besides, it would have been a little out of our way to go shotgun in the Dean's courtyard.

*I got the coolest bag ever. It is giant and made of recycled sails.

*I joined a book club. And I finished the book in time and made mango salsa (see mango pitter), thereby ensuring that I would not be that awkward, quiet kid in section. This book club is great.

*I have continued my habit of showing my love by baking. The problem with this habit is that I typically plan these displays of affection somewhat haphazardly. As a result, I am now an expert at walking (and riding the bus) around DC wearing a sundress and oven mitts as I try not to burn myself on the 350˚F baking dishes I routinely tote around the city.

*Wine game in our apartment. Another one of those "good idea? or great idea?" situations in which the real answer might be "bad idea."

*I resolved to post more consistently!

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